Here are some resources we recommend to help you learn more:

Refugee crisis in the news

Refugees and Displaced People

The New York Times

Read what the New York Times has published about refugees and displaced people.

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IRIN: Humanitarian News and Analysis

Learn the latest about the refugee crisis from the original news outlet dedicated to humanitarian issues.

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International Migrant Crisis

Times Video

Watch the latest videos from The New York Times about the international migrant crisis.

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Infographics and Statistics

The Refugee Project

This interactive page is "a narrative, temporal map of refugee migrations since 1975" complied with data from the UN and historical background information.

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Who’s Killing Civilians In Syria?

The Syria Campaign

This powerful infographic website by The Syria Campaign has statistics with information about civilian casualties in Syria.

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In the US

Advocate Now

Refugee Council USA

Advocate for the Refugee Council USA, a coalition dedicated to refugee protection, welcome, and excellence in the United States.

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Govtrack Refugees

Govtrack, United States Congress

Govtrack is a tool to help track legislation being debated in the US Congress. Learn about the bills and resolutions including refugees.

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