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There are many ways to get involved with the WRP. You can donate to the fundraisers we are currently supporting, volunteer time with us, or participate in our advocating efforts:


Donate to Paper Airplanes

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Paper Airplanes is conducting a fundraiser to pay for student English proficiency exams and for three part-time staff positions, two of whom are former refugees. In the current political times, they are an organization that is making a difference in the lives of not only Syrian students, but also tutors as well.

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Donate to IRAP

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IRAP helps families and individuals in emergency situations navigate the rules and processes of refugee resettlement so they can be safe from danger and persecution.

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Sponsor a Syrian Refugee Family

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The Karam Foundation's SSRF recognizes the right of every individual to a quality education and the longterm support education can provide for families who have lost everything. Every refugee family involved in the SSRF receives a monthly stipend on the condition that they send their children to school.

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Send a Refugee Student from Za’atari Camp to College

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Provide a Syrian refugee in Jordan with a full scholarship to access higher education through the Amal Foundation and the Amal-Jusoor Scholarship Fund.

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We collaborate and brainstorm with other WRP members in efforts to spread awareness of the refugee crisis both on- and off-campus. Past events have included film screenings, advocacy drives encouraging students to e-mail or call their representatives and support pro-refugee legislation, discussions at a local senior center, a panel at a local high school, and awareness panels at Wesleyan. Future projects will include bringing film screenings to local community centers with the Enough Project, hosting events with the Office of Muslim Life at Wesleyan, exhibiting a photo series in CHUM, and bringing relevant speakers to campus. Contact us to get involved!


Through creative events such as clothing drives, art shows, silent auctions, charity weekends, benefit concerts, bake sales, food banquets, and t-shirt sales, the fundraising team works with other non-profit organizations dedicated to providing refugees with long-term support. Last summer, the fundraising team raised over $12,000 for the Jusoor Amal Fund in one week through an online platform. These proceeds will help fund the university tuition, living stipend, food, and transportation costs of a student living in Za’atari, the largest refugee camp in Jordan. We also raised $6,000 this past week for IRIS and participated in its Run for Refugees 5K event.

This semester we plan to partner with other organizations similarly focused on increasing access to education and other basic needs for refugees. If you are interested in event planning and managing, collaborating with other student groups to host events, and supporting organizations that are doing incredible work all over the world, consider joining our fundraising team!
Paper Airplanes

Paper Airplanes facilitates English tutoring that links American college students with Syrian refugee students. Our tutors spend between 1-2 hours a week tutoring their student in English, SAT preparation, or other areas as the student requests. It's a great opportunity to make a new friend. Contact us to get involved!


IRAP is the International Refugee Assistance Project (, an organization that provides legal assistance to refugees in the process of resettlement in the United States, Canada, Australia, and parts of Europe. While IRAP helps all refugees, the Wesleyan chapter of IRAP works with Iraqi and Afghan clients who require specific documentation for their United States resettlement applications. For some resettlement pathways such as the Direct Access and Special Immigrant Visa programs, the applicant must be a former employee of the US government in either Afghanistan or Iraq. Finding employment verification to prove their employment can be difficult for refugee applicants who have had to flee their homes and may be missing contact information or documentation for their former U.S. supervisors. At Wesleyan, we help to identify and contact former supervisors of these clients so that they can receive the documentation that they need. Contact us to get involved!


Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services (IRIS) is a refugee resettlement agency, contracted with the State Department to help refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo, Sudan and other countries resettle in the New Haven area. A team of 8-12 Wesleyan students go to New Haven weekly volunteers to help refugees apply for Energy Assistance applications.